Friday, December 21, 2012

Movie Review: The Impossible

Usually when you watch disaster movies the main characters walk around with, at most, a scratch on their face and other times nothing at all except for some dirty clothes. Doesn't that make people want to get caught in the middle of a deadly natural disaster and survive? Or am I alone here? "It would be so great to be in a natural disaster and survive...the only damage done to you will be mental - and that's what therapists are for!" Movies have almost made it so that children will think the only people who get hurt at all eventually end up dying, everyone just goes on, life as usual.

If your kid has this kind of opinion of natural disasters you should take them to see The Impossible. It will ruin them, but at least they won't have those ridiculous thoughts anymore. It's based on a true story and they don't spare the details.

Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor play a British husband and wife who are in Thailand in 2004 with their three young boys for Christmas when a tsunami hits on the beach in front of their resort. They are split up - the husband finds the two younger boys in a tree after the tidal wave passes and the mother and the oldest son get swept inland.

After the wave passes the family walks around beaten and ripped apart trying to find help and each other.

Wait a second...MOTHER EFF. Disregard what I just said about taking your kid to see this to put the fear of natural disasters in them. I am remembering now that the 3 boys were totally fine. The parents were messed up, but the kids just looked like they had a really fun time playing out in the sand box.

Anyways, it was graphic and pretty moving (I am pretty sure I shed a tear)...except for this one moment at the end where they take slow motion cheesy to a whole new level and it kind of ruined the whole movie. You will know what I am talking about if you see it.

Verdict: 3.7 Stars


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