Monday, December 17, 2012

Kardashian Family Christmas Card - Lamesauce

The Kardashian's released their family Christmas card and I have a couple of things I want to say.
  1. Scott Disick makes this photo. He looks like "f-ck all these other people, I'm the only one that matters here" ...yes Scott, you are correct.
  2. Whose f-cking cat is that? Do they have a cat? Are they just putting this cat in the photo because for some f-cking annoying reason 'cats' are really big right now? F-ck off with the cats everyone.
  3. Why the hell is Rob DJ'ing? Did the world miss the memo that he is the next Deadmau5? Stop it you poser.
  4. Khloe is holding champagne. She is not pregs (in case that is a current rumour).
  5.  I wonder if Kayne is mad he wasn't asked to join?
All in all it is pretty lame, mine is better. I will show you on Christmas. Something awesome to look forward to.



  1. khloe and lamar were photoshopped in!

  2. doesn't the one on the far left look like they glued her head on crooked?


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