Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I could write a post - or you could just listen to Transit's new single Settled Smoke

I was really working hard on finding a story for tonight. I could write about Miley Cyrus' sleazy act in LA where she performed with a topless stripper dancing on stage next to her - but I feel like that is A) old news and B) feeding the beast that is Miley's need for negative attention.

Then I thought I would write about that monkey in the Toronto Ikea that has the whole world talking, but I was so annoyed that his name wasn't Marcel I couldn't bring myself to write a post. (If you don't get the Marcel reference just go cut yourself - you don't deserve the life you've been given).

And then I thought...it's time. I need to write about how I missed the end of the season finale of The Amazing Race because CTV cut it off to air The Mentalist. Now it's not that I don't like The Mentalist...but WTF - it was THE END OF THE RACE. Ass holes. So I started that post and realized...I was also pissed that the goat farmers won the whole thing. What a load of garbage. I was Team Chippendales...and I wasn't going to post a picture of the farmers when I should have been posting a picture of two hot male strippers. Nope. That wasn't happening. That post too went in the trash.

What else is there to write about? Probably something - but at this point I am mentally drained from all the unfinished posts.

So f-ck it. Listen to Transits' new single. It's good.


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  1. what happen to you miley ? hope selena won't follow your foot steps


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