Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Honey Boo Boo and Family share their "Christmas Photo"

Another wretched TV family has released their Christmas Card. Honey Boo Boo and fam take on the Kardashians with their version of holiday cheer.

This looks like the family was on a trip to the grocery store and decided to crash a office Christmas party photo booth...and then they had to do a weird awful crop job to get rid of the company logo.

I would make more fun of this photo, but thankfully I know nothing about the Boo Boo clan so I have no context.

Like, for example, if I were to make fun of the dad (?) for having his sunglasses on his head and called that tacky-as-f-ck, but he had some kind of disease where he can have no sun contact with his eyes - well, then that would be rude.

I could say, man I hope that baby gets out of this shit while they still can, and then later find out that that isn't anyone in the families baby - they just took her from a random person at the Christmas party.

I could say that it looks like they robbed a homeless person to dress themselves...but what if they are just so poor that they have to go dumpster diving for their clothes. I don't know....maybe TLC is holding out their pay cheques until the first season is over.

Now I am pretty sure the ridiculous looking child on the left is Honey Boo Boo (is that her name?), so I am pretty confident that I could say that her use of green bang extensions and a red plaid dress is the worst combination of the Christmas colours of all time...and not feel bad about it.

This photo hurts my eyes and is wrecking my Christmas the longer I look at it.


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