Saturday, December 1, 2012

GIRLS Season 2 trailer (EEEEEEEEEEK - VIDEO)

This is my hope when you watch this brand new season 2 preview of Girls on HBO.

You are trashed...not 'the room is spinning I'm going to vom' trashed, but the 'the world is so clear to me I never saw it before, but I don't really know what is going on and I am happy and sad all at the same time' trashed.

You just got home from the bar where you went with your two extremely promiscuous fake-boobed girlfriends. They picked up random men and left you alone at the bar. Thankfully for you it is payday and you have the money to pay for a cab all the way home to the inconvenient part of the city where you and your hooker friends live...this cab ride was obviously supposed to be split amongst 3, but is now paid for by one.

You are extremely annoyed...and hungry. You are pissed that you didn't make your cab driver stop at a hot dog stand on your long drive home. After looking through your fridge you decide that nothing will curb your hunger like the taste of greasy pizza. Now you are even more mad that your ho-bag roommates left you because you are too drunk to order a pizza and not end up eating the entire thing. You will soon be alone AND fat.

You order your pizza and you are now playing the waiting game. You open your computer and then you find this...a preview of season 2 of Girls. Life just went from -8 to a 7. Once your pizza arrives you will be able to pass out ending the night at a solid 8. I'd say this preview just improved your weekend immensely.

Oh yeah...and stop. Stop eating that pizza. You've had three pieces. Now just go to bed.


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