Sunday, December 2, 2012

CONFIRMED: Amazing Race Canada will air summer 2013

The announcement has been made. Canadians will finally be able to participate in The Amazing Race because the franchise is now coming to Canada.

Avid Canadian fans lost their minds today when the news was confirmed...not sure if they heard the news that the race will take place in Canada. Like - within our boarders.

There is not really anything amazing about a race around Canada. I mean, maybe we have been spoiled for year watching the American version where they have the budget to run all over the world. I am not sure if Canadians are going to be pissed that this is what they are going to be watching/participating in after years of anticipation.

"Racers to discover the world’s diverse cultures and terrain within Canada" - this is from the official announcement. So what? They are going to send people to China town? Lamesauce. If that is what they are going for they could just send people to the GVA or the GTO.


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