Sunday, December 2, 2012

Canada to get another long awaited reality show!?

CTV is going to be making a big announcement tonight at 8 PM - which is the start time of The Amazing Race...which pretty much solidifies what we are all thinking - Canada is getting The Amazing Race!

The Real Housewives of Vancouver, The Bachelor Canada, Big Brother Canada and now the Amazing Race Canada? When it rains it pours!

Today CTV posted this photo on Twitter of Ben Mulroney posing with the special guest of the's totally Phil. Totes.

Are you excited for The Amazing Race Canada? Will you audition to be on it?

I would NEVER go on TAR. Why? Because...
  1. I am lazy.
  2. I am out of shape and not willing to get 'in' before taping.
  3. I hate crowds and people and being lost. All things that you will encounter on the show.
  4. I am way to competitive. Like WAY...once I get my competitive helmet on the green monster inside of me comes out - and it is not pretty. This is why I don't participate in work games.
Watch the Amazing Race tonight on CTV for confirmation (or...a different announcement because I was wrong - pretty unlikely, but possible).


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