Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Brother Canada announces Afterdark and a February 27 premiere date

When Slice first made its announcement that they were going to be bringing Big Brother to Canada everyone wondered - in what capacity? Was it going to air 3 times a week? Would there be live feeds? Would we also get Big Brother Afterdark?

Well two of the three questions have been answered. Will it air three nights a week? Yes! Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday with the live eviction being held on Thursdays. Will we get Big Brother Afterdark? Yes! 7 days a week from Midnight to 3 AM MST on Slice. Will there be live feeds? No word on this yet, but 3 hours a day of Afterdark will probably keep people busy.

Best news of the information released today - Big Brother Canada is premiering on my birthday, February 27, 2013. That's right friends - my birthday will be a Big Brother Canada themed party. YOU WILL LOVE IT. Hum...maybe I should host a screening at a theatre. The wheels are turning.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother Canada updates!


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