Monday, December 17, 2012

And Gossip Girl is...

Gossip Girl ended tonight after 6 seasons of Upper East Side drama. It was all downhill after season two and should have ended then, but for some reason the fans liked all the ridiculous drama.

I tuned into the series finale tonight to find out...who is Gossip Girl? After six seasons of mystery they were finally going to tell us who was behind all the deets. It was like when Home Improvement ended and you finally got to see Wilson's face - now that was a good day.

So who was Gossip Girl? It was not a girl at all...we should have been calling him Gossip Boy - Dan Humphries. The poor kid from Brooklyn who was trying to fit in with the high rollers from day one was the one behind the site and all the drama. Bravo Hump, bravo.

After you find out who Gossip Girl is they do a nice little wrap up of the series. Chuck and Blair get married in a park before getting arrested and then released (I would tell you why, but I have no idea)...there is then a flash forward where Nate gets off a private jet and there is an inference that he will be running to be Mayor of New York (um, OK), Chuck and Blair now have offspring (a fugly little boy - sorry it's true) and everyone is back for some sort of wedding between...of course, Dan and Serena. Full circle blah blah blah...the end.

Well I am glad I didn't lose 4 years of my life watching something that could have been wrapped up after season 2....just sayin'.


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  1. I can't believe you didn't mention the cameo by Lisa Loeb who is now together Rufus. I found that highly amusing.


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