Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Wrap: WTF Stories of the Year

Some stories make you roll your eyes, while others make you cringe...but every once in a while you see something on TV or read something on the internet that makes you stop and go - What. The. F-ck?

These are my top WTF stories of 2012:

Avril Lavgine and Chad Kroeger get Engaged
When it is mentioned that these two are Canadian, the legitimate people of this country put their heads down in I am not sure why it was such a shock to find out that the two had started dating and subsequently announced their engagement. I was shocked and disgusted, but then there was something about it that was almost...poetic, and I have come to terms.

Angus T. Jones calls Two and a Half Men 'filth'
As if the Two and a Half Men publicists didn't go through enough in 2011. Angus T. Jones, aka Jake, found Jesus and then decided to kill his career by telling people to stop watching his show because it is filth. The producers say they are 'handling it' which will probably be his character getting shipped off to the Middle East and getting blown up. Cause that's how they roll at TAHM...they kill ya, NO RETURN.

Channing Tatum named Sexiest Man Alive
Really People?! I don't even know why I pay attention to People Magazines' choice of Sexiest Man Alive every year as they pretty much ALWAYS get it wrong. This year they chose Channing Tatum. Gross. Like, OK, not disgusting (nice bod), but I have seen much handsomer faces on men that have just been in bar fights and look like they may have a case of meth face.

Tanning Mom
People are crazy...but for some reason, when Moms are crazy it's a whole other level of outrageous that we tend to pay attention to. Besides the fact that this woman was facing charges for allegedly bringing her young daughter in to a tanning bed with her...look at her face. How does one wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and thing "Damn girl, you fine!" when your face looks like a ragged leather purse? Mind blowing.

Amanda Bynes' year of arrests
If you had asked me 5 years ago which child star was going to star down the road of Lindsay Lohan I would have picked probably anyone but Amanda Bynes. I was totally fooled by her good girl type persona. I now like to refer to her as "The DUI Queen" and "The girl who actually plays the hitting people for points game while driving". This is the kind of thing that happens when you dye your hair pink, remember that kids.

Snooki had a Baby
I think the whole world stopped when news of Jersey Shore star, Snooki, was with fetus. Prayer groups were started and guidettes all over the East Coast had a moment of silence for their now defunct party idol. Snooks has since had her little fur ball and is all mommy and stuff. Still dumb as f-ck, but being a mom. 

Shia Labeouf does a naked music video
"Shia Labeouf does music video in the nude NSFW" actually NSFW. Full on peen time. It was a weird random shock...still not sure what the reasoning was behind it...thus it makes the list.

Honey Boo Boo
TLC. Need I say more? I will be the first one to tell you that none Southern people can be obsessed with the South, I am one of them, but this is a different kind of obsessed. This is people obsessed with redneck shit...and I cannot bring myself to watch a show where people speak English as their first language but they still need subtitles.

50 Shades of Grey
Housewives across America found their guilty pleasure...a piece of Twilight fan fiction about S&M. It wasn't "WTF it exists" was "WTF this is a best seller". Conservative America is dead.


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