Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Wrap: Canadian TV Moments

Canadians were all over our televisions this year. I could probably do a list with Canadian reality TV shows only, but maybe I'll save that for next year after The Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother Canada hit the tube.
Here are the top Canadian TV moments of 2012: (SOME SPOILER ALERTS- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED):

Whitney's Eyebrows
I didn't know what the say about The Bachelor Canada. It was decent, but there was nothing that stood out as being scene stealing, except for of course...Whitney's Eyebrows. Of all the posts I wrote, the eyebrows got the most attention. Well, the brows and Brad's crying. It was a narrow margin, but the brows came out on top.

The Last Page of the Playbook
How I Met Your Mother is getting stale, but the last episode before the winter break was AMAZING (SPOILER ALERT) Barney proposes to Robyn as only Barney can...using the last page of his Playbook. It was amazing. Cobie Smulders (Robyn) is from Vancouver.

Jerry Dies
Rookie Blue had a pretty dramatic year, the most dramatic being a mid-season offing of one of the show's core characters, Detective Jerry in a "I just got engaged and I'm super happy and then I get killed by some psychopath" situation. Very sad. Very bold by the RB writers.

Canada's best GBF: Kevin
The most polarizing character on Canadian reality television this year has to be Kevin - Christina's GBF on The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Although his screen time was minimal, it made the show, as tiresome as it was, bearable.

Revenge's Canadian Core
When Revenge premiered last year I thought, "Not sure if this will be plausible past season 1", but the show's creators have made it happen. There is not one, but three Canadians kicking it in the Hamptons: Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne), Henry Czerny (Conrad Grayson) and James Tupper (David Clarke). OK, so David is technically dead, but he makes appearances from time to time.

Saving Hope
Canada's response to Grey's Anatomy doesn't really come close to a home's more like a base hit, but it's something. The medical drama's first season was based around the Chief of Surgery being in a coma and his surgeon fiancee trying to keep him alive. I am not sure how well season two is going to do now that Charlie is (SPOILER) awake...the comparisons with Seattle Grace may become too glaring, but for now I am content that we put something watchable on the air.

Cristina Yang's post-plane crash freak out
Shonda Rhimes took us on a roller coaster of death this year on Grey's Anatomy. First (SPOILER ALERT) killing off the beloved Lexi and then her "meant to be" former boyfriend Mark Sloan at the beginning of this season. So dramatic. My favourite part of last season was definitely Cristina Yang's rant in the woods after the plane crash. In it she details all of the bad shit that happens to people when they work at Seattle Grace. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. No Cristina, it is not. Ontario's Sandra Oh, as usual, killed it.

Up All Night, Season 2?
Will Arnett's Up All Night got a season 2. Am I surprised? Yes. Should I have been? No. There are so many people with children that I am assuming can relate to the lameness that is a show about raising kids and still trying to be cool. Congrats on keeping it on the air Will.


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