Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Wrap: 15 Best Viral Videos

You may not have seen all of these videos, but if I was in charge of making a video viral to the point of infecting every MacBook in North America, these would be the ones I would choose.

Chatroulette Call Me Maybe
This was Carly Rae's year...there were so many Call Me Maybe videos to choose from, but this was by far the best. Well, I mean, it was the best for me. Hilarious. And you can't beat funny. Dude at personal fave.

Gangnam Style
Arguably the biggest viral video ever...Psy took the west by storm this year with his hilarious dance moves and catchy song.

KONY 2012
Did anyone NOT watch this video? It was the movement that seemed to catch on over night and bring awareness to a situation in Africa...but after the group's founder was video taped having a complete meltdown in the middle of the day...naked, let's just say it lost a bit of steam.

Catch the Ice Dude
The only thing that could have made this video better was subtitles. This German guy is, I am guessing, going to jump into a frozen swimming pool. I think he thinks his jump will break the ice, but doesn't. Ouch.

Somebody that I Used to Know - Walk the Earth
This was the first time that some people heard Goyte's extremely overplayed song. 5 people, 1 guitar. How can you not love this!? (Guy on far right is the best.)

Brazilian Elevator Prank
This would scare the bee-jeez out of me. Literally, I can't believe none of these people had heart failure. Pranktactular.

Isaac's LipDub Proposal
Probably the best proposal ever. Isaac has now ruined proposals for many many men...don't be surprised if you find him one day gagged and beaten in an alley. So amazing...and so much coordination. Props again to Isaac's friends. The only fault was that I think he confused the line of the songs "dancing juice" with "dancing Jews"...but I kind of like it that way better.

Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends
When they finally legalize gay marriage across the board in America...they better look back at this video and think, Why did we not do this sooner? The "A mother f-cking quiche" line alone is worth a law change. I also quite enjoyed the straight men's response.

Steve Nash's fans pass him booze on the freeway
I am not sure of the 'viralness' of this video, but I sure as hell thought it was awesome. On a freeway in LA a suburban full of college dudes hands over a beer to Steve while he is being driven. He tapes the whole thing.

Shit No One Says
Shit Girls Say started a disease of copycat videos that don't ever seem to be on the decline. I hope we are rid of them in 2013. Out of the entire lot of shit people are saying, the only good one was Shit No One Says - cause it's so true. "I've never seen this IKEA furniture in anyone else's apartment."

WestJet Kargo Kids
WHY IS THIS NOT REAL?! This was WestJet's April Fools joke this year...and I fell for it, well...until they put the kids on the safety belt. That shit is so not allowed. Then it was confirmed when they said that they would have the kids eating out of a troff. I mean, I would be OK with that, but I don't think it's up to WestJet's standards.

Brad Pitt's Chanel Ad
I needed to sneak this in somewhere. Brad Pitt's Chanel No. 5 commercial is the most uncomfortable commercial ever made...I mean really, it's just so....ahhh. Oh, and he was paid $7 million to do it. Laughing all the way to the bank.

Cinnamon Challenge
The cinnamon challenge is supposed to be done with a spoonful of sugar...not a friggin ladle. But whatever, this is entertaining to watch and you know she doesn't die because she uploaded the video.

Les Miserables Wedding Flash Mob
I am not sure this would have made the list had I not been SO SO SO excited to see Les Miserable next week, but nonetheless, this was pretty dope. Talented group of friends.

I remember watching this thinking...meh, yeah OK. And then BOOM - Lance Bass, born this way. So amazing. Plus, I love me some Disney magic.


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