Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vinny gets his own talk show on MTV

Snooki and JWwow, Pauly D and now Vinny. The shore kids seem to be filling a lot of space on MTV's scheduling. It was announced today that Vinny will be getting his own talk show on MTV called The Show with Vinny.

According to The Insider "Vinny will invite his celebrity guests to his family's Staten Island home for an Italian meal and colorful conversation."

This sounds like a bust. Why you ask? Because who is going to want to go to the ground zero breeding ground of one of the Jersey Shore kids to eat and have conversation? They might catch something. 

But seriously, the only people who are going to be guest on this show are other MTV reality 'stars', cast members of the Jersey Shore and maybe Octomom.

Vinny is still the best of the worst when it comes to the house guests, but I feel like as time went on he became five times more guido and a thousand times less intelligent.

Jersey Shore is currently in its final season - which means (knock on wood) at least this is the end of the road for The Situation.


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