Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Bachelor Brad Smith to host Calgary meet and greet at a strip club

Tonight is the finale of The Bachelor Canada. Who will Brad choose? Will one of the final girls actually accept his proposal? All these questions that can wait until this evening - but first we must discuss the Bachelor himself coming to Calgary in the flesh for a 'meet and greet' with fans next Saturday (December 1).

The meet and greet will be held in one of the most posh and elegant places in the whole city - Risque Rouge. Huh? Yeah, a strip club.

I have never been to RR, but I would assume it is not super functional as a 'meet and greet' location unless the meeting is being done by Brad standing on a stage and ripping his clothes off to some random pop song. Probably not.

Who had this terrible idea? My money is on Brad. "If I have to go on promoting this show, you better have some naked girls around for me to watch." Usually when reality personalities come to town they go to bars - Trashy, yes. Paid for taking your clothes off, no.

I even tried to give the organizers some credit...maybe they were going to be doing the meet and greet before the creepers come out. Nope. The event is from 11 p.m. - 1 a.m., that's prime stripper hours. AND the only people that have to pay to get in are dudes, ladies get in free (which is standard at strip clubs). So are they even making money off of this?

Let's just sum up the evening before it even begins. Brad sitting at a private bottle service table getting a lap dance while his fans try to weave their way through the trenches of Bachelor parties and greasy dudes with bad hair to try to get a glimpse.

I can't go. I have to like, wash my hair or something.


For more information go here.

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