Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taylor Swift sings Begin Again at the CMAs (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift has this amazing gift...of ruining all of her songs when she sings them live. Seriously, does the girl not have any kind of playback? I know that 'country' singers don't lip sync, but at this point I think we would all high five her if she decided to keep her real voice in the post-production and perform something that we are used to listening to...not this kind of breathy, flat, talk-singing.

I wonder if she knows how bad she is? I would like to think that whenever she smiles on stage she is actually thinking, "Damn I'm so rich and famous you probably think I sound OK right now. Idiots."

Maybe they are not as dumb as you thought Taylor. Her awards domination may be coming to an end. Tonight Taylor went 0-3 - where's your surprised face now Taylor?!


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