Friday, November 30, 2012

Sia sings her song made popular by Rihanna - Diamonds (VIDEO)

Rihanna's newest hit Diamonds was written by Aussie singer Sia (Wild Ones, Titanium). At a recent event in New York Sia sang the original version of the song. I love it. Sia's voice is obviously far superior, but I also like what Ri did with the song - made it a little more poppy.

What I don't like is the little girls singing the Rihanna 'shine bright light a diamond' part of the song in the background. Little hookers ruined this for me. So rude.



  1. ohmigahd I totally agree - I was like wtf? bitchez need to shut da fuck up ryte?

  2. I beg of you to go back to school and learn to spell. Your comment made me cringe. I really hope that it was a joke. If not, I will attempt to express my feelings in your way of communicating.

    "Guuuurl, you best go back to skool and fix them words you ryte with. U neva gonna get a job if yous b spelling lyke dat. U gets me guurl, ryte?"


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