Thursday, November 8, 2012

Out This Weekend

Long weekend movies...anything worth the $15 plus popcorn? Maybe...if you are on a date and someone else is paying.

I am so torn about what I think this movie will be like. Part of me thinks it will be a giant blog of over acting and some good cinematography, but another part of me thinks that Daniel Day Lewis is going to knock it out of the park. I think it is going to be the latter.

Am I allowed to be over James Bond? Would that be treasonous to say in England? Regardless, I am kind of over Sir Bond...after about 10 bond movies they all kind of run together for me. Conermoorbrosaig...for real. I also have never really got Daniel Craig thing - he's supposed to be hot right. That's what sells James B to the ladies, not feelin' it.

The Oranges
This looks like it could be a holiday classic, no? As far as old dudes go, Hugh Laurie is a pretty good catch with wrinkly balls if you ask me. I approve of this affair. I also hope that Adam Brody is getting some action in this he getting any in real life? I hope so. Love him.

My Pick: The Oranges - as I said, holiday classic.


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