Thursday, November 1, 2012

Out This Weekend

I am glad Flight is coming out a month and a bit before the holiday season starts...people will probably be over the fact that the plane in the movie falls apart in the sky before they hop on their rides across the country to visit their families. Or maybe it will be so mind blowing that they will never forget it and will then won't fly again. You never know.

You've got to be f-cking kidding probably what any commercial pilot out there is thinking about this movie. But it's Denzel, he's so bad ass that if he WAS a pilot, he could probably do this.  All I could think the whole time I was watching this preview was, "Will they ever have this as a movie option on a plane?" The answer is probably no because I have watched movies where they have cut full scenes if there is a plane crash...but I am so curious. Someone contact Air Canada...maybe they will answer this question since it is of no real relevance to anything and won't help anyone out at all.

The Man with the Iron Fists
My understanding of this movie by this preview is that they make weapons, fight, have sex, fight and make random motivational encourage fighting. The only dope thing about this preview is the fan made of knives. I want one. Other than that - pass.

Midnight's Children (limited)
This was the opening gala film at CIFF this year. As I recall, it was one of the longest movies I ever sat through in my life...and it didn't even cover the whole book that it was based on.

Wreck-It Ralph
Do arcades even exist anymore? I mean...wouldn't want to confuse the children if their only point of reference for this is an XBox. Anyway, this looks like crap. The only good part about it is John C Reilly.

My Pick: Flight. I probably would have picked this if it had been up against some legitimate case you were thinking I picked it because it was up against this lot.


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