Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Fall 2012 shows on regular schedule : What's hot and what's not

All of the new shows of this season have aired and it's time to give them a little bit of a rating. What's hot, what's not and what is in the 'meh' zone. There were a few great shows last season that have made there way into my permanent schedule, but there was room for a couple more shows to make the list.

(Note: This is based on my own opinions of the shows. No ratings have been used to determine what I think will and will not have a season 2 - except of course for the shows that have already been cancelled. That is fact, not my opinion.)

Hot List
New shows that have passed the two episode test. I have added these bad boys into my weekly schedule.

Chicago Fire (Global/NBC)
I don't know if there has ever been a firefighter show that I have liked. Rescue Me made a run, but I never got on that boat.  But unlike Dennis Leary, Taylor Kinney is a FOX.

Arrow (CTV2/CW)
This one was on the cusp, but I think my love for Stephen Amell is clouding my judgement a little bit. I am not sure how long I will be entertained by the cape crusader rich boy with an agenda, but for now I'll keep watching.

Elementary (Global/NBC) 
I was so surprised with this show. I didn't think I would like this 'Sherlock Holmes in New York' detective show, but it turns out - it is amazing. I have found my House replacement! Johnny Lee Miller plays the brilliant douchebag so well - it's like he was trained by Hugh Laurie. Life doesn't get much better than this (except for when Robert Downey Jr. is playing Holmes - best ever.)

The Mindy Project (CityTV/FOX)
Mindy Kailing has lift off. This broad left The Office not a moment too soon. This show is funny, charming, smart and very Mindy. If you aren't acquainted with Mindy Kailing, this is your chance. Do it.

Not List
Some shows shouldn't make it past season one...unfortunately, if I were a network exec, these would be the ones I would cut.

666 Park Avenue (CityTV/ABC)

Animal Practice (Global/NBC)  (Cancelled)

Beauty and the Beast (Showcase/CW)
The Beast is fugly, the girl cop is annoying as hell and I am already bored of the main story line. 

Ben and Kate (CityTV/FOX)
Thumbs down.

Guys with Kids (Global/NBC)
Do I really need to tell you why I hate this?

Made in Jersey (Global/CBS) (Cancelled)

Mob Doctor (CTV/FOX)

The Neighbors (CTV/ABC)
I can't believe this concept made it onto my TV.

'Meh' Zone
I've seen a couple of episodes of each of these, but I wasn't hooked. Didn't hate them and may watch them if I have nothing else to do - but I am not going to be a weekly viewer.

Emily Owens MD (CTV2/CW)
I could really do without this show, but the main character is kind of endearing. If it gains a fan base I could see it making it to season 2.

Go On (Global/NBC)
I don't think Matthew Perry hit gold with this one, but he is somewhere near bronze...still making it on the podium.

Last Resort (Global/ABC)
If you didn't start watching this at the very beginning I could see the story being a little too much for people to jump into halfway through the season.

Malibu Country (CityTVABC)
The only reason this is not on the 'Not List' is because it is Reba. The show is awful, but it has just the right blend of Reba and Hannah Montana to keep it on the air at least for a full season.

Nashville (CTV/ABC)
Country Strong, Country Strong, Country Strong. That's all I can think every time I watch this show. People seem to love it though so we'll see if it has a season 2 to give. For Connie Britton's sake I hope the answer is yes.

The New Normal (CTV/NBC)
This show has been Ryan Murphied. The first couple episodes of this show had me loving it...but then I saw the pattern. The stereotyping in this show is UNREAL. So blatant and obvious there is no room for your own imagination or opinion...Ryan Murphy is turning his shows into his own personal soap box and I don't like it. Not that I don't agree with the stuff he is saying, but I don't like the way he does it.

Partners (CityTV/CBS)
I like this show, but there is no real meat here. Not sure about a renewal - but I do know that I am all smiles that Sophia Bush is back on the tube!

Revolution (CityTV/NBC)
Like Last Resort, I can't see people coming into this show partway through and knowing what's going on. It is also pretty far fetched and with that I lose interest.

Vegas (Global/CBS)
I am not going to lie to you - I didn't watch a single episode of this show, but it looks lame. Season 2? Couldn't tell ya.

I couldn't add too many shows to my regular rotation this year...I have a lot to keep up with with Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Hart of Dixie, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Amazing Race and The Bachelor Canada. I am also watching Once Upon a Time which is about to get's getting a little too Passions for me (90's soap opera watchers say 'Amen').


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