Friday, November 30, 2012

Canadian Blog Awards - Voting Closes Tomorrow!

One last plea before I get slaughtered in this year's Canadian Blog Awards by a bunch of mommy bloggers.

The polls close tomorrow and if you were thinking that you would probably like to go to heaven this may be your ticket in.

God told me that he would be a little less willing to send you straight to hell, do pass through the pearly gates do not collect $100...if you would vote for XOXO Jes in the Pop Culture Blog and Blog Post categories. Now this does not mean you will gain entrance to heaven for sure, but it sure will help out your case. Murderers need not vote, God told me that even this couldn't save your soul. Sorry.



Side Note: When I say God told me, what I really mean is - vote for me. God said nothing, but I am pretty sure he would be on board with me winning. For reals.

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