Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Grey Cup entertainment wrap up: Ho-hum, ho-hum

That was the 100th Grey Cup? Lousy. Now when I say lousy I am talking about the anthem and the half time show. I was expecting more out of the CFL.

Burton Cummings, of The Guess Who,  sang O Canada looking like he just stepped off the set of an 80s music video while wearing a Beatles shirt and playing a keyboard. If that wasn't bad enough he forgot the words at the end of the anthem and sang the same line twice. It was a disgrace.

Then the game started and the Stamps made an interception. Things were looking good, but it was all downhill from there...what the hell Calgary? What the hell.

I was disinterested in the game at this point...until the Halftime Show started. Because the CFL knows its viewers so well they decided to let Gordon Lightfoot OPEN for Marianas Trench, Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber. Travesty.

Gordon Lightfoot is looking like he passed his best age 50 years ago. Remember that time we all thought he died? Frack...may come sooner than we think. Anyways, Gordon mumbled along and everyone was like "huh"...but at least we must give him props for actually doing a live performance.

Next up was Marianas Trench. Now I know that the radio loves these guys, but I wonder - why them? Like seriously...of all the bands in the pop-rock disease category of music - why these fools? All of that garbage is pretty much the same to me, but were the more successful bands like Simple Plan and Hedley busy? Or was there plan to have a band that played that same generic sounding vomit and have the audience trying to figure out who it was instead of knowing and making snide comments for the duration? Anyways, they were only minutely tolerable.

Next up was Carly Rae. She sang her new song that I don't care for and then Call Me Maybe. All the drunk football fans in the stadium were probably like...who is this girl - oh wait, it's that once catchy, but now extremely annoying song about giving out your phone number.

Then was the grand finale (again...Gordon Lightfoot opened for this kid - this is wrong) Justin Bieber 'singing' Boyfriend and Beauty and the Beat.

Unless they have a different way of cheering in Toronto than the rest of the world, I am pretty sure the entire stadium was booing the boy wonder. It didn't look like it affected him...he was probably actually quite pleased to be met for once by a low octave sound instead of the high pitch squeals that his fans usually produce before fainting.

His performance was pretty lack luster. His black leather ensemble looked like MC Hammer decided to make his trademark pants S&M friendly. His performance was pretty ho-hum...and I wouldn't expect anything else from someone was was booed by a mass group of his countrymen. Oh well.

After that, all of the tweens left the stadium and TVs across the country were turned off...thank God, because the Stamps got spanked by the friggin Argos, losing the Grey Cup 35-22.

All in all the 100th Grey Cup was a giant disappointment - not because my team lost, but because my two favourite parts of watching a football game - the anthem and the halftime show - blew.


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  1. Burton Cummings seemed like an 70s lounge singer ... really bad :(

    The Bieb seemed out of place at the game ... did a mostly older crowd of men who had been drinking since noon really want see him?!

    Good to see Gordon Lightfoot but it seemed like such a strain for him to sing.


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