Thursday, October 4, 2012

When Publicists don't use their brains: The Liam Neeson Story

Liam Neeson went on Sportscenter, presumably to promote his new movie Taken 2 which comes out this weekend, and the sportscaster asks him about the New York Jets game that was on Sunday, which he attended. Liam has a blank face, clearly was not prepped that this was going to be a LIVE interview and asks to start again...he then proceeds to say that he doesn't know anything about football and that that was only the second game he had ever been to in his life - oh and he also says shit on live TV.

Who would have thought that the actor from Northern Ireland would know nothing about AMERICAN FOOTBALL?!?!

Who set up this interview? They should be fired. Oh I have a great idea...let's publicize this movie that has nothing to do with sports on Sportscenter and get the actor in the movie that knows little to nothing about North American sports to do the interview. Brilliant!

I would be so pissed if I was either of the guys on camera. First the interviewer looks like an ass hole for asking the question and then Neeson looks like an idiot for going on the show to talk about a sports he knows nothing about.

This is a complete debacle. I would have heads on platters. Poor Liam. Tisk tisk.


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  1. Poor Liam is right. This makes Sportscenter look very sloppy.


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