Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Bachelor Canada: Whitney vs. Gabrielle and the game is on

The first 25 Bachelor contestants
Can Canadian girls live up to the drama their sisters south of the boarder stir up on The Bachelor? Well, after last night's premiere of The Bachelor Canada I am going to go with yes.

Brad Smith, Canada's first Bachelor, had his first cocktail party and rose ceremony with the 25 wedding bell hopefuls. I thought I was going to majorly hate him and think he was entirely fake, but I had only a slight amount of disdain and if he was faking it - he pulled it off pretty well. The whole 'I am a football player' bit is a little confusing/annoying, because we all know he was released from his position on the Eskimos over a year ago and didn't play again. I want to say this is the last time I will bring this up - but that wouldn't be true. Unlike Brad, I don't like to lie.

The part I hate the most on this show is the initial greetings. They are more often than not awkward as hell and uber-cheesy. By the end of the line I was thinking Mr. Smith was auditioning for Project Runway - so many comments about the dresses, like there was nothing else to say. (I can make a comment about the dresses...while some of them were nice, I wonder if the rest were given a discount card for the prom dress section at Le Chateau. So gross.)

My heart beams with pride that the first impression rose of the night went to a girl from Calgary. I also love that her initial introduction video had her in a boxing ring...because my initial reaction to her 'Meet Whitney' video was, "This girl acts like she could be a WWE wrestler in another life. Girls watch out." F-ck I'm good.  They made her seem like the skanky vixen of the group, but I don't think that is true...we shall see.

Whitney vs. Gabrielle
Another initial impression I got right was of Gabrielle...the girl who was calling Whitney a skank while her boobs we literally almost on the floor and falling out of her dress. Seriously hooker, some people can't do strapless. I originally said that I wouldn't hire Gabrielle (who is supposedly going to law school - right now) as my lawyer even if she only charged $25 an hour...and I stand by that statement.

I wasn't blown away with any of the other girls. I liked Tia, Michelle B, and Laura F. I am not sold on Bianca being the legit person she portrays herself as. I also think Brittany is playing the nice girl, but I feel like the claws will come out.

Now I must talk about two of the other girls from Alberta because, beside hoe bag Gabrielle, they were two of the most polarizing girls on episode one.

First up is Chantelle the pastor from Sylvan Lake. The reason I despise her has nothing to do with her profession and everything to do with her voice. HOW CAN HE STAND THAT SHIT? Seriously, my teeth hurt listening to her talk. People that are that nice 1) Make me super uncomfortable and 2) Are generally the most boring people alive.

Then there was Mindy, the outdoorsy girl from Rocky Mountain House, AB. How embarrassing...and a complete and utter stereotype from the producers. (Can you see now why the normal people at the Calgary auditions for BB did not get through? They were looking for Mindy.) She wore hiking boots under her Le Chateau dress. Disaster. She must have known that she was just brought on for show - right? Poor girl.

The other two girls from Alberta aren't really worth a mention. The girl from Wetaskiwin had the worst dress of the pack and didn't get a rose and the other girl from Calgary is boring - like really, even her photo makes me tired.

I cannot forget to mention that everyone's favorite Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, came for a visit and helped Brad decide who he should give his first round of roses to. If Harris doesn't come back in the season I am going to be pretty disappointed.

All in all I would say it was a pretty good start to the first season.


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  1. I hate Whitney shes too cocky and reminds me of courtney in bens season.. and winner ...grrrr

  2. I hate Whitney with her bushy eyebrows and lack of personality. She sucks, sure hope Brad cuts her loose and soon. I am sick of looking at her eyebrows.


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