Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taylor Swift questioning what she stands for?

Taylor Swift is going to be on Ellen tomorrow and, as usual, Ellen grills her on her boy situ.

We all know Taylor has dated half of the under 30 male population of the entertainment industry, so it is not surprising that it is a hard to figure out who all of her songs are about. I also love that she is finally realizing what her casual dating is making her look like - a ho bag.

Of course, now that she has voiced her agreement with the general perception of her player ways I think she needs to own it. I'd like her a lot more if she was like, "Yeaaaa Ellen. Look at all the hotties I have dated minus Joe Jonas and his huge eyebrows. I'm a pimp! Hells yes!" Instead she says, "It makes me feel so bad about myself when every time I come here you put a different dude up on the screen and it makes me question what I stand for."

WHAT YOU STAND FOR?! Girl, you make your millions writing songs about your ex ex-boyfriends = no material. Think about that for a second Swifty.


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