Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy - no wedding bells like, ever

Taylor Swift and the Kennedy kid have supposedly parted ways according to US Weekly.

I got an email asking why I hadn't commented on the Swiftster's most recent break up. Why? Because that shit gets tiring, that's why. By the time I post this Taylor will have already gotten herself into another 'relationship' and broken things off. I stopped trying to keep up with her months ago.

Taylor's problem isn't that she dates too many guys. The girl is young, whatever – play the field, that never killed anyone. The problem is that Taylor presents herself as the girl next door.

The girl next door starts dating her husband in high school, married by 21, four kids by 30, living in the suburbs with a neutral coloured IKEA furnished living room and family picnics on Sunday. I am pretty sure I just described a Latter-day Saints commercial…Mitt Romney would be proud. Anyways – THE POINT IS: this is not Taylor. Her peeps may want you to think that it is, but the girl is just too busy doing other stuff to be this person.

Taylor just needs to get in touch with her inner slew and let it out. If she did this then maybe she could graduate from writing songs that sound like they were inspired by the high school cafeteria crowd and start writing stuff about banging in the break room. You never know…it could happen.

RIP future Taylor Kennedy.


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