Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stephen King visits Sussex Regional High School in New Brunswick

And you all thought internet campaigns can only work on Justin Bieber going to visit sick kids in the hospital.

Students at Sussex Regional High School in New Brunswick were able to get author Stephen King to visit the school to talk about writing after launching a campaign called "Seeking Stephen King".

The idea was formed by a group of teachers who were trying to figure out ways to get the students involved with literacy. Videos were created and sent to King to entice him to come to the school. According to the teacher who lead the effort, Sarah-Jane Smith, King called her the day before the visit and said told her he was coming.

He met with 18 students in a library and then did a chat with 80 other students in an auditorium.

I think internet campaigns to get people involved with stuff are great...BUT I do get concerned that people kind of expect that because they have put the request online that the celeb is required to comply if they don't have an amazing excuse to not participate. Sometimes celebrities either A) Don't have time for your stupid requests and/or B) Don't care.

I'm just glad that this school thought that Stephen King would be a good person to get the kids involved with writing...and not Stephanie Meyers or some garbage like that.


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