Saturday, October 20, 2012

Some other things I thought you'd like to know...

In case you missed it...this man in China was suicidal and was sitting on the window ledge of the 6th floor of the building holding an infant...and then he gets booted back into his apartment. So epic.

Megan Fox had her baby, Noah Shannon Green...which means Brian Austin Green is a dad and Snooki's baby could have a baby friend with a similar IQ. Oh and this happened last month...that's how important this news was.

Robert Pattison and Kristin Stewart's fake relationship is back good time, right before the last of the worst series of movies of all time comes out.

A bunch of couples from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise broke up...I AM SHOCKED that Jef with one F couldn't keep Emily and Ben and his crazy model couldn't stay together. *Eye Roll*


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