Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peter Mansbridge does Gangnam Style in Stratford

Gangnam Style parody videos are getting old...but I just couldn't help posting this one.

Two of the shows at the Stratford Theatre Festival, (which...for context purposes, is where Justin Bieber is from) Pirates of Penzance and 42nd Street, participated in the creation of this video and there is a pretty hilarious cameo from CBC's face of The National, Peter Mansbridge.

I once had a boss who said that Peter was one of her know, on her 'list'. I can't make this stuff up, I know at least she will appreciate this.

Dance like no one is watching Peter - just dance.


Side note: If you are thinking of doing a video to this song as a marketing/attention getting initiative just note, it better be f-cking awesome. Don't even bother if it is going to be crap. This one is pretty budget, but they make up for it by having Peter dance like he doesn't know what the hell he is doing. 

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