Thursday, October 18, 2012

Out This Weekend

This weekend we have three movies, none of which should get your money or your time. Except for maybe Efron's movie - because he's hawt.

Alex Cross
Huh? How is this movie not called Tyler Perry is Alex Cross or some shit like that? Isn't that Perry's MO...complete and total self involvement? So random. Anyways, the movie looks like the rest of his films - complete garbage. I think this is Perry trying to be a serious actor, but "I will meet his soul at the gates of hell before I let him take a person that I love from me." BARF. Literally...choked on my cupcake and then threw up a little. No Oscar for you Tyler Perry. No no no.

The Paperboy (limited)
MACY GRAY! I am not going to lie to you that seeing the broad in the preview was the most exciting part of that trailer. Well, her and Zac Efron being all hot and stuff. Yummmm. And then there is Nicole Kidman...girl freaks me out. If I was a child and saw her walking down the street I would probably think she was a robot and start crying.

Paranormal Activity 4
The only movie that is allow to have more than 2 sequels is Die Hard...and that is only because Bruce Willis is so bad ass he will be playing John McClane until he is 80.

My Pick: Seriously...this is ALL I have to choose from? The Paperboy I guess.


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  1. We saw a sneak peek of Alec Cross and it was good ... You just hv to get over the Madea thing :-)


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