Friday, October 26, 2012

Out This Weekend

This weekend we have some good ones coming out. Since it is Halloween weekend I knew we would have at least one horror movie in the mix, but that's all. Cloud Atlas will be the big seller - I would bet money on it if you could do that. Can you? I need to start betting on opening weekends. I could so use the money.

Chasing Mavericks
Surfing movies freak me out...because there is always a shark. There is even one in this preview. So that's one strike against this one. Then there is Gerard Butler...gross hair. And then the kid who he is training...fuuuuuugly. So many unfortunate factors make up this movie.

Cloud Atlas
I have an extremely vague idea of what this story is about. It is based on a book which tells a bunch of different stories from a bunch of different times...and it is all really confusing. I feel like when I do watch it, I will be confused as hell and will have to watch it again to figure out what is going on. One problem...the movie is 8 minutes shy of 3 hours long. Good grief. This movie also received a 10 minute standing ovation at they thought they had to give an extra long round of applause because it was an extra long movie? I am tired just thinking about standing for ten minutes clapping.

Fun Size
The first trailer I saw about this movie made it seem like it was all about this child, which I am not OK with. BUT - this trailer makes it seem like it is more up the alley of Superbad at Halloween with a mix of the kid that threw the raging neighbourhood destroying party in Project X. I can get behind the second trailer.

The Sessions (limited)
I am not really sure what to think of this movie. No seriously...I just sat here for ten minutes thinking, good for that dude - he should get some action. Not really sure how it will translate on screen, but it may be worth a shot to find out.

Silent Hill Revelation
Boo. Horror film on Halloween weekend...wonder how that will do? The only reason I watched the entire trailer (yes, I am proud of myself too) is because I couldn't figure out if that girl was Michelle Williams. Note: It is not.

Smashed (limited)
Things I never plan on saying: "Last night I ended up smoking crack." "I think I need to slow down." "I would prefer it if you didn't drink." and "I stopped drinking." Insanity, downer, double downer and absolutely unacceptable. This girl must have really went off the deep end. Too depressing to watch.

My Pick: I'm gonna go with Fun Sized...because at this very moment I am thinking - I am too tired for the mind f-ck that will probably be Cloud Atlas.


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