Thursday, October 11, 2012

Out This Weekend

I am so excited for you all to go to the theatre this weekend! The most underrated man in Hollywood (aka Ben Affleck) is releasing to the general pub his finest achievement to date: Argo. There are other movies which will be released this week: see below.

SO GOOD. For my thoughts on this amazing piece of film making click here.

Here Comes the Boom
I am thinking about every movie that has come out with Kevin James playing the lead role and...yup, hate them all. So Kevin James + UFC fighting + kids = a lot of stuff I hate put into a movie.

Seven Psychopaths
I have no idea why I thought this was a legit movie when I first saw a preview...but it is a movie about losers who steal dogs. Lame.

There is nothing scarier than demon children. Seriously. I literally couldn't get through this whole preview...because I feel like sleeping without night terrors for the next month. If you like horror, this will probably satisfy some weird 'I need to be scared shitless' urge that you have.

My Pick: Argo of course!


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