Thursday, October 4, 2012

Out This Weekend

It's Thanksgiving weekend...the time of year when everyone but me has plans so I end up going to the theatre alone - eating copious amounts of pop corn and flasking my giant combo pop. Don't feel sorry for me though - I plan on dancing in my seat and singing along to Pitch Perfect...and life doesn't get much better than that.

If I had children I would not let them watch this movie. Kids need to be able to deal with death the same way that every other generation had to - by watching Bambi and being traumatized for the rest of their lives. Also - movie about kids (X), caring about animals (X) and dogs (X). Three strikes, sorry Tim Burton.

Pitch Perfect
It's like Glee, without all the bullshit (one would hope) and I facking lurve Rebel Wilson (aka Fat Amy).  Musicals are starting to be a little overdone (I blame Glee), but that doesn't mean that this won't be awesome. OK, let's not kid ourselves - it's gonna suck, but I will love it anyway. (PS. Totally had a rape whistle in my first year - true story).

Taken 2
My first question to Liam Neeson's daughter is...why the HELL did you leave America again? If I got abducted, forced into the gruesome underworld of sex trafficking in Europe and made it out alive with my vagina intact I would go home and never travel international again...or maybe even out of State. I mean, I realize her dad is bad ass Liam Neeson, but still. So stupid.

My Pick: Pitch Perfect. Obvs.


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