Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not getting political but...Joss Whedon's the man

I don't like to get political on the blog. I don't like to get political ever because, let's face it, are you really going to take any political meanderings from me seriously? No. But one would assume that any smack I talk about the Kardashians you would take as seriously as your doctor telling you some bad news...or any legit expert on pretty much anything telling you something in their realm of expertise. BASICALLY what I am saying here is, I am not a political pundit, but I am a damn genius when talking about who is dumber, Snooki or Kim K (it's debatable).

SO have I talked about the American election which is just around the corner? No. I did however say that all that Big Bird talk was pretty much one of the worst news-pieces-that-wouldn'- die I have seen in my entire life, but that was just common sense. You know what else is common sense? Thinking this video by Joss Whedon 'for' Mitt Romney is effing hilarious. I'm not taking a side here - but if we were voting based on YouTube videos, 'Bama would win by a landslide.


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