Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Nicholas Sparks movie Safe Haven (TRAILER)

Nothing will ever beat The Notebook and this one may not even beat The Lucky One which, as you may remember, was a laughable piece of garbage.

The newest of the Nicholas Sparks books to movies, Safe Haven, looks dreadful. I know they are trying to make Julianne Hough into this big star...but come ON. I think that she will be a small step up from Miley Cyrus' take on one of Sparks' similar characters (big city girl...small port town...slightly emo...etc) and since Miley is probably one of the worst young Hollywood actors out there right now, that's saying something.

And what about Josh Duhamel? He's hot. But good looks won't save this movie.

I want to say I won't watch this movie...but I will. I can't help it. Damn you Nicholas Sparks.


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