Sunday, October 14, 2012

Justin Bieber's Stepmom auditions for Big Brother Canada

Erin Wagner, Justin Bieber's siblings' mom
Weeks after Justin Bieber's real mom Pattie Mallette released a book it seems that his former stepmother (Erin Wagner), who is now divorced from his father and the only thing linking her to the Bieber fame is the two half siblings that she popped out while still married to his dad, is auditioning for Big Brother Canada.

Did you get that? You know how I know this? Because the chick has a Twitter account and her profile reads "The proud mother to Jazmyn and Jaxon Bieber, yes, Justin Bieber's bro and sis!" Which to mean just means, I am a fame whore who wants twitter followers....and she has been tweeting all day about auditioning for the show. Barf.

Understandably the Biebs will have a relationship with his siblings' mother, but this woman needs to stop being such an attention whore. It makes me siiiiiick. This makes me even more sick than Bieber's mom calling herself an 'author' on her Wikipedia page (yes, she has one). The only reason anyone let that woman publish a book is because they know that the Beliebers will buy it. It's a cheap marketing ploy and diminishing to all real authors.

Anyways, this Erin woman is campaigning hard to get on Big Brother and I will tell you right now that if she does I will not be forgiving.


Side note: This woman has twitter accounts for both of her kids...who are probably both under 7 years old. Hate.

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  1. Newsflash lady, it was Justin's dad who created the twitter accounts for both kids and that was mentioned on ETCanada over two years ago. Your a pathetic blogger and your writing style is god awful. Did you expect your readers to be so forgiving? Leave the poor girl alone for god sakes. Just because someone wants to be on big brother does not make them a fame whore. You have no respect. Should learn some.

  2. she´s a fame whore for sure and anonymous you´re just a faggot fanboy.


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