Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Girls will return January 13, 2013

Did you ever get around to watching that show that everyone was talking about earlier this year, Girls? If you didn't, get on it. It was announced today that the second season of Girls will premiere on January 13 on HBO.

If you were like me the first time you watched it and turned it off after the first scene of the first episode because you were so disgusted that Hannah was living off her parents and not contributing at all to society and whined when they decided to stop paying for her life...you are not alone. It gets better, I swear.

Lena Dunham, the 26 year old creator, writer, director and star of the show, is so talented it makes me want to vomit.

She is twenty-facking-six. Do you know how old I am? Pretty much the same age. And what am I doing with my life? Well, more than the little ho bags on Girls, but Lena makes my shot at a life look like a begger eating mud and pretending it is crème brûlée. Gawd I am pathetic.

Anyways, if that did not translate...the show is dope and you should watch it.


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  1. This is a brilliant show. More than once when I was watching it, I was like "yeah, that's happened to me in my 20s". So pumped for season 2.


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