Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drake graduates from high school at 25

Drake graduated from high school...yesterday. I cannot believe I missed this.

Wheelchair Jimmy AND Justin Bieber both graduated before him. I am thinking, if it took him this long to get his diploma, he must have dropped out to be an actor...which is hilarious. You drop out of high school to play a character in a fictional high school. But then again, look what happens when you stay in school: you get shot and are forever remembered as wheelchair Jimmy.

So your fictional self graduated before you, no big deal. But having the more popular Canadian heart-throb musician beating you to the hat toss and he is eight years younger than you...  That's kind of embarrassing right?

But I guess it's nice that he finished. You know, positive message and stuff to the kids - stay in school yada yada yada...even though being a highly successful entertainer with loads of money before finishing school doesn't really send that message, but whatever.

And he probably doesn't even need to go to that he has his diploma some University is going to give him some sort of honorary degree so he will show up and talk at convocation. He would probably go too...cause it's not like he really wants to spend the next 20 years getting a real one. (Seriously - U of C, get on that. Faculty of Education? I can see it now.)


Side note: Drake was 25 when he week he will be 26. I can see why he got that done now - cause it is just pathetic getting it at 26. 25, OK. 26, no, just no.

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