Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don't get your hopes up. Taylor Swift + dubstep = anti-climactic music

Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated song that included 'dub-step' today as the next single off her upcoming album Red (Oct 22). When I first heard Swifty was dabbling in dub-step I secretly hoped she was going to pull a Skrillex and shave half her head, but I really just wanted to hear the outcome.

This is it. Well that was anti-climactic.

I think if I Knew You Were Trouble. would have come out before the ultra-pop sounding We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together I would have been more shocked, but it is kind of just more of the same - with a tad more edge.

So can Taylor just admit now that she is not a country singer anymore? I think her other single, Begin Again, (the one that actually sounded like normal back-home-country-Taylor) was enough country to let us know that she still thinks of herself as a girl with cowboy boots. Doesn't mean I do, but just so you know - she'll still be nominated in the Country category at awards shows.


Side note: I don't care who she actually wrote this song about - I am choosing to believe it was about John Mayer. Everything is just funnier when it is about J May.

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