Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did Britney shave her head to pass a drug test?

I didn't think I would be writing again about Ms. Spears' 2007 spontaneous head shaving, but it seems that it has become somewhat relevant again.

Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears' manager at the time of the meltdown, is currently in a legal battle with Mama and Papa Spears over his firing and subsequent non-payment for his work. They claim that he was responsible for her undoing and drug use and he says that he was not.

I don't care about Lutfi or this lawsuit. Seriously, no one cares - that crap is 5 years old...what I do care about was the reasoning he said she gave to him for her public head shaving.

Lutfi claims that Spears told him she shaved her head because she thought that the courts would test her hair for drugs and then they would take away her children (because they would be positive, obvs).

I am not totally up to date on drug testing, clearly, and was UNAWARE that hair testing is actually a thing AND it (according to Wikipedia) test for drugs going back father than most test to about 3 months.

In other words folks...shaving her head may have actually been a smart thing for Brit to do if she was in fact using all the shizz that Lutfi is saying she was. Who would have thunk that having a complete nervous breakdown and shaving your head would actually be a strategic move. *Golf Clap*

Obviously I have no idea if this is actually true...I mean this Lutfi character has had 5 years to come up with these stories. I am going to choose not to take them as fact, but to be thoroughly entertained by every single one.


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