Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christina Aguilera tells us what she thinks about blogs

Now everyone is a critic. I don't read blogs. It's just God-knows-who in Buttf-ck, wherever writing hate sh*t... You can't take it seriously. I'm sure you've all been hated on at some point by buttf-ck people. - Christina Aguilera, via Billboard Mag

Christina Aguilera is one of the most articulate people in show business - don't cha think?

I don't think Christina is too happy with what people have been saying about her lately...I mean, I think the only thing that I have said about her in recent months was that she was starting to look an awful lot like the albino version of Snooki. And Christina, when you say things like "you've all been hated on at some point by buttf-ck people..." you kind of sound like her too.

I am glad she isn't letting the haters get her down. Cause if she WERE to take to heart all the shit people have said about her music in the last couple of years, well - she probably would have offed herself. Let's hope Lotus doesn't turn everyone into a born and raised Buttf-cktonian.


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