Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bon Iver releases video for Beth/Rest

Bon Iver has released the music video of my favorite Bon Iver song of all time, Beth/Rest! Um, the video is a bit weird, but you should expect nothing less from Justin Vernon and friends...actually 'this is awesome' (as heard at 4:03) is exactly what I think about this song AND this video.

I would also like to point out that my favourite YouTube comment was, "I feel like this is an ad for a Mormon dating site."

After I read that I thought, "Huh...you know, they're right!" I know pretty much know nothing about Mormons except that they walk around in suits and try to convert you, but I now think this would be an accurate portrayal of what dating is like in their religion. Instead of banging, they put on back unitards which signifies the dirty deed, but then you don't actually have to do it.

I feel like this is how really stupid opinions turn into uneducated facts by the mass public...YouTube comments are to blame for all the worlds problems.


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