Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bachelor Canada reject Rebecca 'Bubba' Harrison on BT Edmonton (Bubba don't chase...)

After you get kicked off The Bachelor Canada you still have 10 seconds of fame...well some people do. This morning the unforgettable Rebecca 'Bubba' Harrison who was given the boot by Brad Smith last night on the show did an interview with Breakfast Television in Edmonton...and again, Bubba will not let us forget her - no matter how hard we try.

She says a lot of ridiculous things, but the most memorable comes around the 2:50 mark when host Ryan Jespersen asks her if she would want to be Canada's first Bachelorette and she responds with "Bubba doesn't chase cock, cock comes to Bubba."  (Listen closely - you can hear Jespersen say "Oh God" in the background).  This response doesn't even make sense...because if she was the Bachelorette cock WOULD be coming to Bubba. Man that girl is a dumb ass.

That would have been a good dose of awesome first thing in the morning for the housewives that watch BT in Edmonton. Jealous. I also heard that Bubba was a bit of a ho bag to Calgary's BT host Tara Slone. Hey Bubba...if you want to be an actor, best not to piss off the people who would give your career any kind of publicity. Again, Dumb. Ass.

Oh Live TV...what would we do without you?


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