Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bachelor Canada Episode 2 Moment of the Week: Pity Ana

This outfit would have been bearable had he been wearing a navy tie. Just sayin'.
Did the Bachelor Canada live up to the expectation I set for it after last week's decent first episode? No.

What is too blame: Is Brad turning into the dud I always thought he might be? Are the Canadian girls too nice and making the show boring? OR am I an eighth of an episode away from driving up to Sylvan Lake and lighting Chantelle's house on fire for the pain her voice is putting my through weekly? I'd say add 'tacky as hell product placement' into the mix and we have a pretty good list of why the show blew this week.

Instead of reliving the pain, I am just going to share with you my highlight of the week.

Ana, the Romanian girl from Ottawa, got the 'pity rose' last week after she failed to assert herself to get alone time with Brad. This week she got what looked like the 'pity date'...there was no rose and no announcement.

Brad showed up in her room in the morning while she was sleeping and was like, "We're going on a date. Cute." Just kidding, he didn't say 'cute' at that moment.* Anyways - you don't see her face, but I am assuming it was sans makeup which made me cackle laugh.

Then they go to Tofino for a date on the beach where they drink Molson Canadian...because that isn't disgusting and an awesome thing to be drinking before noon.** Also, why are they always promoting drinking in public on this show? The Bach USA does it it is not illegal to sit on a beach and drink.

Ana tells Brad, while they are walking around hammered on Canadian at 11:00 a.m.,*** that her mom passed away from Cancer which sealed her fate for at least 3 more episodes on the show. You cannot get rid of someone who lost someone to cancer immediately after they tell you, especially if it was a parent. So expect pity rose three and four to come in the next couple of weeks.

I say they are still pity roses because she seems like a complete waste of space as far as awesomeness goes. Move along Brad, move along.

No one of any consequence was booted from the show tonight. A bunch of quite girls that the producers probably said Brad could can because they aren't doing anything worth showing anyways. Eyebrows and Squeaky Jesus remain on the show - showing the rest of the country what our great province has to offer.****

Until next week...stay cute Canada.


*Is Cute going to be Brad's word like Jeeah is that Team USA Swimmers? Seriously Bradley - stop it. Not everything is cute.
** I don't know for a fact that it is before noon. I am assuming based on him waking her up that it is early...but she could just be a lazy betch and have slept til 2.
***The time is not proven and there is no real indicators that they are drunk...but it makes the story better.
****CLEARLY I am being sarcastic. I am horrified by the Eyebrows and SJ makes my brain bleed.

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