Wednesday, October 3, 2012

American Idol drops an early publicity stunt...Cat Fight! You gonna watch now?

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are not getting along on the American Idol set. By now you may have seen the video (above) of Nicki cussing out Mariah during the auditions that was posted on TMZ.

My first response was - who is taping this? Seems like a publicity ploy to get some hype around the show. Do you not think that someone in that room would have seen the person taking it and called them out if they were trying to keep the debacle under wraps?

Second response is linked to the first - that the whole Nicki vs. Mariah war is manufactured and they were put on the show together so they would fight. Bitch fights bring in ratings right? Before it was confirmed that Nicki was on the show it was reported that Mariah was pissed because she wanted to be the only female on the panel. Dun dun dun. It would surprise no one to learn down the road that producers told them to fight if they felt inspired to do so.

My last feeling towards this whole thing is - oh American Idol...why did you have to go and try to turn yourself into Jerry Springer? The judges on this show gave the people at The Voice such a hard time for their "gimmicky chairs" but this is ten times worse. People are going to get sick of the fighting, just you wait. It will be funny at the beginning...then it will get uncomfortable...and then it will just get old and you will be left feeling sorry for Keith Urban who will probably end up looking like Jesus in a cowboy hat sitting next to a bunch of crazies and a guy who will never have another successful job in this industry again.

So as much as this will make people tune into the show when it starts up in January...I can pretty much guarantee that if it is there only hook, it'll be a let down of a season.


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