Wednesday, September 12, 2012

X Factor and Britney's Face

X Factor premiered tonight with the new panel of judges including the one and only Queen Britney.  So how did she fare under the pressure? Much better than I thought she would. She told a few people they sucked (ballin) and some people that she liked them...but the best part of Britney? Her face.

She has these dead eyes and completely unimpressed look whenever anything is going on...even when she is talking. The whole look was actually quite fascinating. I haven't seen someone so bored looking on TV since watching the live feeds of Big Brother at midnight and seeing the contestants stare at the wall. Zzzz.

So far I am impressed by Britney and even Demi. Simon is puling back from his usual uber douchey self and is just being slightly douchey - probably to make up for the fact that Britney, who everyone seems to be there to see, is actually hard on some people. That's right Simon, the buck no longer stops with you.

As for the talent. Few and far between. The acts that they loved tonight were so mediocre I can't even remember a single one...except for the boy band that reminded me of LFO (RIP Rich) and the girl at the end who had everyone crying because she was bullied in school and they put her through - AND SHE WASN'T EVEN GOOD.

Up the talent. Keep Britney's face and all will be well.


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