Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Ian won Big Brother 14...the demise of Dan

Dan Gheesling played, arguably, one of the best games in Big Brother history, but it wasn't perfect. All the way to the final 2 and he was only able to nab one vote, so what happened?

There are three reasons Dan failed to take home the half million:

1. He went with Ian to the final two
If you followed the live feeds at all you will know that Dan threw that final HoH to Ian so that Ian would cut Danielle and he wouldn't have to...which means he thought going to the end with Ian was a good idea. Big mistake.

Anyone watching the show knew that Danielle floated through the game with Dan and that Ian had some legit moves. People also LIKED Ian. If he would have went to the end with Danielle I think he would have got more votes.

Or maybe he knew there was no way anyone was going to vote for him and wanted Danielle out so he wouldn't lose 7-0.

2. He was banking on his words to woo the jury
He played them all. He made alliances and broke them, he swore on his wife, Bible and Grandparents that he was telling the truth but in the end lied - to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. So it would be flawed then to, after all the lies that they now know about it, to go out with a speech that was as glossy and salesy as his? Did he think that they were even listening to him, let alone going to believe him?

It also didn't help that he sat there with this ridiculous grin on his face the whole time that made him look cocky as f-ck. It looked like he was thinking "I got this in the BAG". People don't like smirks Dan, you should know that - you had to fake cry with people before and you couldn't just throw out some humility for 15 minutes? Disappointing.

3. The jury house was a bitter pack
The biggest pitfall in Dan's plan was not anticipating all the emotions that normal, non-sociopath, people have. Pride is an evil monster, and he hurt theirs.

I think the only person in the jury house that would have voted for Dan was Britney - if he had taken Danielle. She was the only one not completely bitter towards how he played the game and how he got her out. He hurt the pride of the strong players who had the wool completely pulled over their eyes by his lies. It wasn't a jury panel, it was a vengeance panel - and they were out for blood.

The first two mistakes were Dan's fault...he was messed up from being locked in a house for the entire summer, but the last one was the bullet in the head that just couldn't have been helped. 

I stand by Dan though. I was Team Dan pretty much as soon as they kicked out my man Wil-with-one-L and I turned super fan when he took all the heat from Boogie and Frank for the Boogie eviction away from Ian.

Over the course of the summer he went from Dan 'the guy' to Dan 'crazy eyes'...I actually think he went a little insane. His wife is going to have to put him in some kind of rehab program before she brings him home because all the game play has messed him up!

I am sad that Dan says he won't come back to the House, but it's probably for the best. If he was in the house with me I would kick him out day one. Can't trust him, can't keep him.

Mad respect for Team Dan, but congrats to Ian on the best day of his entire life (and I actually believe this...kid, it's all downhill from here).



  1. I'm just so upset that Dan didn't win. I think most of them will look back & realize Dan played an amazing game till the end. He told the lies but they fell for it..

  2. DITTO everything you said. Including the last bit about Ian. I wanted Ian out for a really long time. I just hated how he snitched. However, I have mad respect for Dan and was Team Dan from the very beginning because I felt bad for him that he was down to just one player so quick. He managed to pull through ALL of that AND come out on top. Like Janelle said, Dan's not winning is a travesty. I hope nobody messed up on their key when putting it in. the name dan and ian look the same.

  3. Ian deserved to win more than Dan. He won the final HOH!


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