Monday, September 10, 2012

Who took home the money on the finale of Bachelor Pad 3?

Who went onto the Bachelor Pad to win $250,000? Nick Petersen did.

In the hilariously outrageous season finale of Trash Pad (aka Bachelor Pad) Rachel and Nick were voted by their housemates to be the final team standing.

Then it was the "Keep" or "Share" and Rachel went the safe route and decided to share the money and Nick boldly went where no man has gone before. Nick chose to keep the money and walked away with the whole amount, leaving Rachel gobsmacked and in tears.

The problem with the Bachelor Pad has always been this: all the contestants on the show are friends in real life. If you want to stay in the friend group you are not going to screw over your partner on the show. It's douchey and pretty much unforgivable in the jock/spray tan circles that those kids run in.

Nick was in the perfect position. He had a partner who was friends with everyone who also got dumped by the king of the show. She got the friend vote and the sympathy vote to take her to the end. He managed to avoid getting kicked out by the popular kids and ended up in the 'decision room' at the end after EVERYONE said there was no way in hell he would win.

What would you do? You have a chance to get $250,000 - you pick KEEP and the only thing that happens is you make a girl cry who has been crying the whole summer. You don't lose any friends, because none of the people liked you anyways. You don't lose a girlfriend, because that chick never liked you. And finally, you gain a bag full of cash you never had before. WIN WIN WIN.

If he would have bitched out and picked SHARE, in two weeks I wouldn't even remember his name. He showed those fools that this was about a game, not about amping up your social circle. Welcome to the game lemmings. You got played.

*Standing O*


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