Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What is the Big Brother Canada house going to look like?

US Big Brother House (thanks Samantha for the correct photo)
Big Brother Canada is set to start filming in February of course, one of the most asked questions is "What is the house going to look like if you are filming in the DEAD OF WINTER?!"

Canadians who are familiar with the Big Brother franchise are used to watching it during the TV-lull of summer, following the house guests as they lounge out in the LA sun in their bikini's and swim trunks. Clearly this will not be the case if we are filming during a white-out.

I spoke with Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content for Shaw Media today about the live audition process which is currently going on (more on that later, but I wanted to share this tid-bit with you first) and I managed to get in a 'non-audition' question, which I will share with you.

Me: You are filming the show in February...How is that going to work? We are all used to watching Big Brother where they are outside in their bathing suits in the summer, obviously that's not going to happen if you are filming in February in Toronto.

Barb: Well actually, what we are hoping to do is a bit of both...we will have an 'inside outside' and an 'outside outside'. So we will have an outside opportunity for bathing suits and hot tubs and all the rest of it that will actually technically still be inside...then we will have a REAL outside. We will expose people to that Canadian winter...maybe this is nasty of me, but I hope we have a cold snowy, real hard Canadian winter to play with cause it'd be fun.

Good Lord Barb! A woman after my own heart...forming glee from other people's pain.

So what we are looking at here is a house with not one, but TWO yards. And when she says "play with" I am assuming the dead of winter backyard is going to be where our house guests will be doing their competitions...this show is amazing and it hasn't even started yet.

I really hope they work in a good old fashion snow ball fight - 'don't get hit by a white missile with a rock in it'...that's normal right? That's what my brothers used to tell me.


For the rest of the info I got from Barb about auditions - click here.

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  1. pretty sure thats big brother uk house...
    heres a link to the us bbhouse

    1. I think you are right Samantha. It's a bit of a different angle but still looks the same.

  2. OMG..I Hate the cold...please kind.....we will have enough to deal with...


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