Monday, September 17, 2012

Was Over the Rainbow as BAD as you thought it would be?

There were some preconceived pros and cons set in my brain before watching CBC's newest talent show Over the Rainbow. A show that tries to find the next Dorthy for Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of The Wizard of Oz in Toronto.

  • It's a TV talent show in a market that is over saturated with that exact thing. Could it meet the standard that everyone is used to?
  • It's a bunch of early 20 somethings trying to win the spot of Dorothy. I don't know if you have ever seen the Wizard of Oz, but I pretty much want to punch her in the jugular the whole time, so I can't even imagine what 10 at the same time would be like.
  • It's Canadian. Canadian reality/talent shows are notorious for having boring/untalented people on them. Not that Canadians are NOT talented, we are....we just aren't a pack of fame whores like the Americans and the good peeps don't try out.
  • Daryn Jones, formerly of MTV Live, was coming on the show to be the host. Definite draw.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber is going to be on the show as a judge...kind of bad ass.
So, before I watched the show it was 3 - 2 for the Cons. Then I saw it and I had to switch some stuff around.

It looked pretty budget in comparison to what we are used to...if you are used to seeing shows on Broadway, this would be the equivalent of a smaller city theatre company. OK production, but by no means outstanding.  (Still a Con)

The chicks were pretty annoying, but it could have been worse. (No longer a Con, but not yet a Pro)

The Canadian talent did show up at the auditions. I was kind of impressed...I mean, none of the girls is going to be the next Broadway star, but I am not hiding under my bed in shame. (Pro)

Daryn Jones...oh no. I thought for sure this would be the one solid thing about this show. Unfortunately for Jones, he is so used to just commenting on stupid pop culture and making fun of people that it actually seemed like he was having difficulty delivering his lines and 'comforting' the contestants.

I understand that they were trying to grab the younger demo by bringing him on - that's great and they got me, but what about all the old people who are watching this thinking "What the hell is this kid talking about?" every time he tries to crack a joke? Daryn, you are a host now - not a stand up comedian responsible for laughs every five seconds. Stop. (Unfortunately, now Con)

Andrew Lloyd Webber - obviously he was bad ass AND he was sitting in a throne. It was so cheesy and terrible that I gave it a nod of approval. (Still Pro)

Andrew was great, but the BEST part of the show was the part where they kick the girl off who didn't make the cut. It was seriously the most hilarious and mortifying series of events ever.

After you gets the boot by Webber, this happens:
  • Daryn Jones awkwardly tries to sound sympathetic to your defeat and announces your final song
  • You sit down and take of your shiny shoes
  • Give shoes to another girl who then takes them over to Webber (I am pretty sure there is a bow that happens, but I could be wrong)
  • While this is happening, the other girls who are still in the game are singing and probably laughing at you
  • You go back stage
  • The others continue singing, smiling and making fun of you in their heads
  • You then get to sit on a moon prop and are raised over the other girls, I am assuming you are strapped in (lawsuit)
  • While hoisted you sing a part of a song as your last hurrah while the other girls stand below still wearing their shoes.
  • When you are finished production brings the moon backstage and you are tossed outside with no shoes on in a gross Dorothy dress.
Obviously I made that last point up, but you get the picture.

I am not surprised that this show is such a bomb (in my OWN PERSONAL OPINION - which I am sure is shared by a vast majority of people), but I wish for Jones' sake it wasn't.  For some reason I thought he got poached from CBC to did this gig...but now I am thinking he got fired from MTV, why else would you sign up for this flop?


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  1. Daryn Jones is the worst host since Brian Dunkleman!!!

    Did you notice the truly awful lyric the girls sing as "dorothy"'s shoes are taken away "we thank you very sweetly, for doing it so neatly..." from Ding Dong the Witch is dead??

  2. Host Daryn Jones should be fired. I've never seen such a horrible host. He is wrecking a pretty good show. Please CBC - find another host!!!!

  3. This show is just plain and simple ..bad

  4. Cringeworthy, truly cringeworthy. And the judges are.......who???


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