Sunday, September 2, 2012

TV Times: New TV shows coming Fall 2012

It's almost time for the return of some of your favorite shows, but it is also the season of the new shows...which ones will make it and which will have the life of last years mega-flop The Playboy Club?

There are so many to choose from, and you still have time to make your well educated decisions. I am going to try not to get too attached this year to shows that will inevitably get cancelled (RIP GCB) and to shows that are basically a knock off of other shows that I already adore (I'm talking to you Emily Owens MD).

I am glad to see that a lot of actors from other cancelled shows are coming back to the tube. I am seeing some peeps from One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, Brothers and Sisters, House, The OC, and Reba. And then there are some peeps from shows I didn't watch...they have a chance to redeem themselves (Smallville, Eli Stone, No Ordinary Family, and every single one of Matthew Perry's non-Friends TV shows).

666 Park Avenue (CityTV/ABC)
Rachel Taylor, Dave Annable, Robert Buckley, Vanessa Williams
Sunday, September 30
So glad Justin (Dave Annable) has a new TV home...but this looks like it is trying to be sexy, but will come off hokey.

Animal Practice (Global/NBC)
Justin Kirk
Sunday, September 30
Could be funny - or not...probably not.

Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy
Wednesday, October 10
Superhero TV show...not sure how this will pan out, but the dude is hot.

Beauty and the Beast (Showcase/CW)
Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk
Thursday October 11
I kind of like that they have turned the Beast into a mutant superhero type...if they went with the plane old bestiality on this one I would be quite disappointed. And Canadian Kristin Kreuk is back on the tube.

Ben and Kate (CityTV/FOX)
Dakota Johnson, Nat Faxon, Maggie Elizabeth Jones
Tuesday, September 25
It will either be funny...or EXTREMELY annoying. Haven't decided. Also, I don't like that it is called Ben and Kate...all I can think about is Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I want to harakiri myself.

Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer
Wednesday, October 10
The most DRAMATIC trailer music used on a TV show ever. Lady Gaga's boyfriend is looking hot.

Elementary (Global/NBC) 
Johnny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu
Thursday, September 27
There will never be a better Sherlock than RDJ. Sorry.

Emily Owens MD (CTV2/CW)
Mamie Gummer, Justin Hartley, Kelly McCreary
Tuesday, October 16
Why is every single doctor show about surgeons? Like's getting old.

Go On (Global/NBC)
Matthew Perry, Laura Benanti, John Cho
Tuesday, September 11
Matthew Perry is back...this would look really good if it was a movie. How are they going to make this into a series? 

Guys with Kids (Global/NBC)
Anthony Anderson, Jesse Bradford, Zach Cregger
Tuesday, September 11
Did anyone else think that the working dad was gay? I do not appreciate the heavy use of the laugh track in the trailer. It tells of bad times to come.

Last Resort (Global/ABC)
Scott Speedman, Andre Braugher
Thursday, September 27
Concept. Good. Every single week? Not so sure.

Made in Jersey (Global/CBS)
Janet Montgomery, Kyle MacLachlan, Stephanie March
Friday, September 28
Calling it, cancelled.

Malibu Country (CityTVABC)
Reba McEntire, Lily Tomlin, Sara Rue 
Sunday November 4
It's Hannah Montana for middle aged women. Can't say bad shit about Reba's return to the tube, not looking stellar.

Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ed Weeks
Tuesday September 25
I would like this so much more if she was doing something else besides one of the normal safe TV jobs (doctor, lawyer, police officer). So old.

Mob Doctor (CTV/FOX)
Jordana Spiro, William Forsythe, Zach Gilford
Sunday, September 16
Zach Gilford. I would give it half a chance for Zach Gilford.

Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere
It's got a Country Strong vibe without the drugs. Plus Connie Britton. Love her.

The Neighbors (CTV/ABC)
Jami Gertz, Lenny Venito, Simon Templeman
Sunday, September 29
Gross. But kind of reminiscent of 3rd Rock from the Sun.

The New Normal (CTV/NBC)
Justin Bartha, Andrew Rannells, Georgia King
Tuesday, September 11
This show was already banned in Utah, pretty much guaranteeing a season 2 in all other states.

Partners (CityTV/CBS)
Sophia Bush, Brandon Routh, David Krumholtz, Michael Urie
Monday, September 24
I already wrote of my excitement for this show...however it is on CBS and they do tend to go a little over the top with their I will see how it goes.

Revolution (CityTV/NBC)
Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos
Monday September 17
Will this JJ Abrams show make it? Or will it suffer the same fate as Alcatraz? Shut down.

Save Me (Global/NBC)
Anne Heche, Michael Landes
Can this one be cancelled already?

Vegas (Global/CBS)
Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis
Tuesday, September 25
Obviously this is the end of the list...I have nothing inspired to say except, cancelled.


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